Where would you travel to in September? ($5000 budget)

I have from late august to the end of September off before I start a new job. I have had some ideas about where I’d like to travel to but I’m realizing that nothing so far has totally clicked as the right choice.

A bit about me:

* Mid 20s Canadian male with ~$5000 usd budget.

* Solo backpacked Peru in late 2019. Did the Salkantay trek which was the highlight of my trip. Realized I’m not big on party hostels and I definitely value more peaceful vacations.

* Really interested in food/culture different than my home. I also really like history.

My current trip ideas are:

* Nepal

* Japan

* Europe

* Pakistan

Ultimately I’d love to know where y’all would choose to travel in the world on this budget during September! Ideally it would match up with my love of trekking, cool food, and interesting culture but it definitely doesn’t have to be an exact match to what I outlined above. Thanks!