What’s the situation in Mongolia?

I’m looking to do a tour in Mongolia for about 2 weeks in August. I read some old threads and learned that it’s advisable to do a tour, to find a group of travellers to join for a better price , and hostels were a good way to meet them.

I messaged one tour company and they were not currently operating their hostel, and tours were also paused due to a lack of tourists. So just wondering if anyone has been to Mongolia recently this year and could share their experience of showing up and finding a group to join.

It would be disappointing if I relied on this older advice only to show up to an empty hostel and waste 2 weeks just hanging in Ulaanbaatar, or alternatively spend $2k on a 2 week tour.

I’m not even sure where to find updated information outside of Reddit, so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!