Travel does not have to be far away.

Especially in these times of inflation, where plane tickets are expensive and airports are a nightmare in many places due to staff shortages.

Where ever you live, there are cities and towns 2-3 hours away you have not visited, or more rural areas you do not know well. Find a rental or hotel/motel/B&B and spend a few days. every area has something to visit and do.

You’d be surprised what you can find nearby. this applies to pretty much anywhere, though if you live in the middle of nowhere, you may have to extend that to 5-6 hours.

Often its a city you may have been to a few times for business or whatever reason, but you were always in and out. Going as a tourist makes you see things differently.

Let us know your nice spots near where you live. they usually are easy on the wallet as well.

edit: upvote for you, and for you, you all get an upvote! thanks for the suggestions btw. some of these are going on my list.