Strange pull towards a country

It is a bit hard to explain but here we go.

I am 22 and when I was 16 yo I was a pic of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia. Ever since Sofia was in my travel plans and Bulgaria in general.

I literally never met any bulgarian before I travelled here and def don’t have bulgarian or slavic heritage.

Lately I got interested in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Also Russia and tried to learn Russian.

I also got fixated on travelling to Turkey and Indonesia or Vietnam.

I arrived a few days ago and I felt a strange connection to the city, people are friendly and helpful but don’t speak much English but Bulgarian is limited to a few words.

I just left Sofia to see more and as soon as I left I thought I wanted to stay more or come back, like wtf?

I was sick for a day or two so maybe I felt like I didn’t see enough, had the same feeling in Napoli or Capri as well.

Lisbon was also great too.

Some say Sofia is ugly and not the best looking city but I felt like the mix of culture and less tourist oriented stuff makes it less phony and more genuine

Nothing against touristic stuff but Rome was very touristic oriented or Nice, everything felt like a tourist trap.