Solo travelling for 4 months!!

Hi All,

I am currently 26 and recently I quit my job and will be starting a new job in Nov thus I will have 4 months to solo travel. July-Nov

I am trying to decide between SA and SEA.

Countries I will visit if I go to South America:

Colombia – 1 month

Ecuador – 2 weeks

Bolivia – 2 weeks

Peru – 3 weeks

Brazil – 5 weeks

Countries I will visit if I go to SE Asia:

Vietnam – 1 month

Laos – 2 weeks

Cambodia – 2 weeks

Philippines – 1 month

Indonesia – 1 month

I really wanted to travel to India, but I believe it will be super hot and humid then, so I will have to skip it this time!

I am planning on budgeting £35 a day on average, excluding flights whilst also staying in hostels throughout, is this reasonable?

Has anyone done a similar trip? Any tips? Thoughts on travelling solo for a year? Any comments are more than appreciative.

If you have been to both SEA and SA, which one would you recommend doing?

I would really appreciate any tips/recommendations on which of these two continents is better to visit? Or if you think I should visit/see other countries instead?

Thank you,