Solo travel to Italy for 6 full days in late July. Rome or Rome + Bologna?

Hi folks, as the title says I’ll be in Italy late in July for 6 full days, plus two half-days where I will be flying . I’m deciding between using Rome as a base the whole time + day trips, splitting my time between Rome and Bologna, or splitting my time between Rome and somewhere else.

My travel interests include hiking, a quiet beach, seeing vineyards, seeing catacombs/museums/churches, finding nice bars, meeting new people. Something important is that I’m not good with the heat which is why I’m looking for a middle ground between city and seaside/countryside. I know there are great day trips from Rome, and obviously from Bologna as well, so I’m torn.

My question: out of my options, what would be the best itinerary for beating the heat, seeing nature/vineyards, and spending at least a few days in Rome? Thanks in advance!