Rate my South America Itinerary

Hi all,

Long time solo traveller here, first time going for over 2 months alone and travelling to multiple places along the road. I’m planning a solo journey through South America from August – November/December next year. This is my itinerary so far. I realise it’s probably in pretty bad shape at the moment due to this being my first draft, so scathing criticism is more than welcome. I have never been to South America.

I realise it looks like I’ve overplanned already but this is literally just a loose ‘Would this be possible?’ route. I am very very open to things changing along the way and have an expandable budget. I’m just seeing if this rough route would be possible physically, emotionally and financially on this rough budget.

I will be 30M by this point and coming from the UK, planning to stay in hostels and get buses to keep costs down. I’m not really interested in nightlife, mainly nature and history. I don’t drink alcohol or take drugs . I’m very used to living on an extremely tight budget when travelling, but if this is too tight then say as I have room to adjust.

Trip Length: 3-4 Months

Trip Budget: £6-7000

Please assume that unless stated, I will get buses between the places below and they are in the order I plan to visit them. *On that, does anyone know a good bus route from Quito to Lima or is flying best?*


• Bogotá

• Medellín

• Cartagena

• Santa Marta

• Lost City Trek

• Santa Marta

• Tayrona National Park

• Santa Marta


• Quito

• Galapagos

• Quito


• Lima

• Cusco

• Arequipa

• Lake Titicaca

• Arequipa


• La Paz

• Salt Flat


• San Pedro de Atacama

• Santiago

• Punta Arenas

• Puerto Natales


• Buenos Aires

• Iguazu Falls

• Buenos Aires