PSA: Renew your passport well in advance

PSA: If you plan to travel in the coming months and your passport is set to expire soon, don’t wait, renew it *now*.

Due to staff shortages and a surge in demand, many countries are experiencing huge delays in issuing or renewing passports.

Here in Canada, for instance, the situation has escalated to something of a crisis, with for crowd control due to long waits and people camping out overnight in front of passport offices. Wait times for non-urgent passport renewals are reportedly upwards of six months. Many other countries including the UK and much of Europe are experiencing a similar crunch.

For US citizens seeking advice on American passports, r/travel has a with good up-to-date information.

Note that many countries require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months past your travel date in order to enter. If your passport is set to expire within the next year, it’s likely a good time to start the renewal process.