Is there a way of viewing all departures from a train station?

I’m currently interrailing in Europe and I’m trying to find all depatures from a specific station, essentially trying to get the longest distance single train I can find without changes to get towards home, rather than trial and error of searches it would be great if I could see a future departures board of all the places this train station has trains going to.
Sorry if I’ve explained this badly, and if this isn’t the right subreddit to be asking

Edit: I’m in Denmark and getting train to colonge that’s the station I’m hoping to see all depatures from but need to be somewhere in france probably as need to head back to England soon


Backpacking Party Routes at 30

Hi Everyone,

Love this sub and have got so much great information from it. I appreciate there’s been a lot of age related posts in regard to travel but I was hoping for some recent experiences of people solo travelling in their 30s at what I’d call your typical party locations I.e Thailand Koh Phangan…

For context, I’m turning 30 this year and I’ve decided to pull the plug on my current job and go on a huge round the world trip for a year. Alot of reasons for this and I’d have probably done it sooner had covid not introduced itself.

I’ve done a decent amount of travel before but obviously nothing on this scale and it’s not travel I’d have called backpacking. For this trip, I want to go to the popular backpacking routes such as SE Asia down into Australia/New Zealand.

As I say any experiences you could provide of being in your 30s at full moon parties/party hostels/parties in general would be appreciated! Any recommendations you could drop in for SE Asia would also be appreciated!


Amsterdam & London or Bucharest & Istanbul?

I’m an 18 year old male going interrailing in a month from Finland by starting in Lyon to see family and then going through Switzerland, Italy, and ending up in Budapest after which I still want to visit / have time for two destinations.

I’ve narrowed down the routes to the following two:

* Budapest -> Amsterdam -> London
* Budapest -> Bucharest -> Istanbul

I would be taking a night train for every leg besides AMS -> LON. The first city I would have 3 days to spend in and 4 days in the second.

I’ve never been to Amsterdam but have been to London. However I would love to visit again to check out universities and enjoy the city solo for the first time. This is the more expensive option but there’s a more clear cut range of activites and sights I’d like to do.

Bucharest and Istanbul are completely new to me. I’m not sure if there’s much to see in Bucharest but it seems like a fun place to check out to bridge the gap to Istanbul, which seems like a fascinating culture shock of a destination for someone who’s never left the northern half of Europe. This option would be cheaper but also less safe for a naive first timer like me.

I’ll appreciate any and all input! Thanks in advance.


11.5 days in Ireland – Itinerary comments/tips needed!

Hello! I’m taking my first ever trip out of the country to Ireland at the end of October/first week of November and I’m new to solo traveling. I know the days will be shorter and rain might be frequent but that doesn’t bother me. I live in Minnesota where the weather can be 4 seasons in 1 day and it gets down to -20F in the winter!

I’m wondering if this rough draft itinerary is too much to accomplish in my allotted time or rather, will it be too rushed? I’d like to see as much as I can while also being able to soak it all in…contradictory goals, I know. Should I spend more time in any of these areas or skip places for somewhere else? Thanks in advance!!

Day 1: arrive to Dublin at ~11am – Trinity college/Brazen head

Day 2: Travel to Wicklow in A.M. – Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains National Park

Day 3: Wicklow – day trip to Kilkenny?

Day 4: Travel to Killarney

Day 5: Killarney – day trip to Dingle?

Day 6: Killarney – day trip to Cork?

Day 7: Travel to Galway

Day 8: Galway/Cliffs of Moher

Day 9: Galway/Aren Island

Day 10: Galway

Day 11: Travel back to Dublin

Day 12: Northern Ireland Tour , Dublin -Temple Bar area


Scotland Early September Itinerary Advice

Hello! I’m planning a 10day trip to Scotland for the beginning of September and would love any and all advice. I’m a fairly experienced solo traveller and I’ll be using public transit. I know everyone says to drive in Scotland but I’m wary of driving on the other side of the road and I honestly enjoy getting to know a place through public transit.

I’m hoping to do some hiking, learn about scotland, and drink whiskey of course. I’m always up for any interesting cultural things or good food.

The only things I have booked are my flights and the first two nights in Glasgow. I’m trying to do a mix of main stops but also leave room for things more off the beaten path.

Would folks recommend making Island of Skye its own stop? Someone on here recommended the Rabbie’s isle of skye tour which seemed like a good deal. Are there any particular hikes in these areas you recommend? Is it better to stay in Fort William or Glencoe?


Day 1: Glasgow, arriving in the evening

Day 2: Glasgow

* Explore Glasgow, Mural Trail

Day 3: Oban

* West Highland Line to Oban
* Stop in Arrochar & Tarbet for Loch Lomond cruise

Day 4: Oban

* Ferry to Mull/Iona or other island?

Day 5: Fort William/Glencoe

* Train from Oban
* Hike Pap of Glencoe

Day 6: Fort William/Glencoe

* Ben Nevis? Other hikes?

Day 7: Inverness

* bus to inverness
* Loch Ness

Day 8: Inverness

* Rabbie’s Isle of Skye tour

Day 9: Edinburgh

* train to Edinburgh
* stop in Aviemore or Stirling?

Day 10: Edinburgh

* Explore Edinburgh
* Arthur’s Seat & Castle

Day 11: Edinburgh

* Explore Edinburgh
* Scottish National Museum

Day 12

* Leave Edinburgh early morning


What’s the situation in Mongolia?

I’m looking to do a tour in Mongolia for about 2 weeks in August. I read some old threads and learned that it’s advisable to do a tour, to find a group of travellers to join for a better price , and hostels were a good way to meet them.

I messaged one tour company and they were not currently operating their hostel, and tours were also paused due to a lack of tourists. So just wondering if anyone has been to Mongolia recently this year and could share their experience of showing up and finding a group to join.

It would be disappointing if I relied on this older advice only to show up to an empty hostel and waste 2 weeks just hanging in Ulaanbaatar, or alternatively spend $2k on a 2 week tour.

I’m not even sure where to find updated information outside of Reddit, so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Solo travelling for 4 months!!

Hi All,

I am currently 26 and recently I quit my job and will be starting a new job in Nov thus I will have 4 months to solo travel. July-Nov

I am trying to decide between SA and SEA.

Countries I will visit if I go to South America:

Colombia – 1 month

Ecuador – 2 weeks

Bolivia – 2 weeks

Peru – 3 weeks

Brazil – 5 weeks

Countries I will visit if I go to SE Asia:

Vietnam – 1 month

Laos – 2 weeks

Cambodia – 2 weeks

Philippines – 1 month

Indonesia – 1 month

I really wanted to travel to India, but I believe it will be super hot and humid then, so I will have to skip it this time!

I am planning on budgeting £35 a day on average, excluding flights whilst also staying in hostels throughout, is this reasonable?

Has anyone done a similar trip? Any tips? Thoughts on travelling solo for a year? Any comments are more than appreciative.

If you have been to both SEA and SA, which one would you recommend doing?

I would really appreciate any tips/recommendations on which of these two continents is better to visit? Or if you think I should visit/see other countries instead?

Thank you,


Solo travel to Italy for 6 full days in late July. Rome or Rome + Bologna?

Hi folks, as the title says I’ll be in Italy late in July for 6 full days, plus two half-days where I will be flying . I’m deciding between using Rome as a base the whole time + day trips, splitting my time between Rome and Bologna, or splitting my time between Rome and somewhere else.

My travel interests include hiking, a quiet beach, seeing vineyards, seeing catacombs/museums/churches, finding nice bars, meeting new people. Something important is that I’m not good with the heat which is why I’m looking for a middle ground between city and seaside/countryside. I know there are great day trips from Rome, and obviously from Bologna as well, so I’m torn.

My question: out of my options, what would be the best itinerary for beating the heat, seeing nature/vineyards, and spending at least a few days in Rome? Thanks in advance!


Incredible first Solo trip to Croatia, discovered great strategy for jet lag!

Inspired by some family, friends, and certainly this subreddit I took my first solo trip last month, and visited Croatia. I had such a great time, and it’s such a beautiful country. I specifically wanted to talk about my first 2 days of the trip here though.

I flew into Split from the US and I couldn’t sleep at all on the flight. It left at 6pm and I wasn’t tired for either flight. By the time I landed it was 6 am on my body’s time, and I wanted to sleep at this point. I decided not to, and powered through the next 8 hours exploring Split. I was tired, but a few energy drinks helped, and I crashed in my airbnb at 8pm. I had been up for 28 hours straight at that point, so I fell asleep quickly but it was worth it for what would come next.

My body woke me up at 3:45 am the next day. I felt energized and didn’t want any more sleep. So I took my time getting up and left the room at 5am. The prior day I explored Split, as cruise ships full of tourists took people all around the streets and it was extremely crowded. Instead I walked around the streets of Split, and was the only person exploring at this time. I was able to capture some incredible scenes with no people anywhere. When the tower bells rang I was in Diocletians Palace, and I got transported to 300 ad during that minute. It felt like I rented the entire city out myself, and it was such a magical feeling.

I’d recommend this to anyone unsure of how they’d handle jetlag. If you can make it long enough the first day to crash around 6-8pm, you will be rewarded with the most incredible solo exploration experience the next morning!


First time solo traveler (30F) planning a two week Italy trip for October, feedback on itinerary needed!

Hey all,

I’ve never done a solo trip other than a few short city trips within Canada, but am currently in the early stages of planning my two week trip to Italy for October 2022! I’m looking for feedback regarding some itinerary options, and general tips from anyone who has done a similar trip before.

**A bit about me:**

– 30F from Canada, traveling alone

– I have travelled quite a bit within the US and Canada as well as the Caribbean. I consider myself very independent, with street smarts and decent travel acumen, however I have never been to Europe.

– I don’t currently speak Italian, but will start Duolingo and learning basic phrases very soon. I know most major cities in Italy have English speakers, but this will be fun for me. 🙂

– I consider myself more of a go with the flow/see how I feel in the moment type of traveler rather than someone who wants to plan every few hours on an itinerary. I do not want to feel rushed on this trip.

– I’m a big foodie, and want to eat as much delicious food as I can! I also enjoy coffee, wine and cocktails.

– I want to spend most of the trip relaxing, sightseeing, and immersing myself in another culture as much as possible. I have an appreciation for architecture and art as well as good ole people watching. I love nature as well, including the ocean. I enjoy live music and some drinks, but not looking to make this a party trip. I am comfortable talking to strangers and consider myself outgoing.


– I have not booked a flight yet, am waiting to see how good prices will get. Travel time looks to be around 15-20 hours depending on the flight. I’m flexible with dates, but looking to leave no earlier than late September and would like to be there for 13-15 days total.

– I do not want to stay in a hostel environment, they’re just not for me. I would consider airBNBs or hotels. Not looking for anything fancy, but also am willing to pay more to have a comfortable room and good night’s sleep.

– Budget is flexible. I’m not looking to pinch pennies, but also not looking to make this a luxury vacation. I’d like to spend less than 4k with flights included, and expect the flight to be anywhere from $700-900 CAD.

– I don’t have a driver’s license, so I won’t be renting a car. I’m comfortable using public transportation and have used it in other cities just fine. I also quite enjoy walking.


– I will be flying in and out of Rome and would like to spend about four days here. Want to see all of the usual suspects – Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi, Spanish Steps, but also want time to take in the city on my own. I’d like to have one planned activity per day then save the rest of the day for exploring.

– I’m trying to decide if I should spend this trip exploring mid/North Italy, or South. As I don’t want to rush or be spending all my time traveling/checking in and out of hotels, I am picking one or the other and saving the one I don’t do for another trip. Rough ideas below:

*Potential Itinerary:*

Rome – 4 days, open to day trips

Florence – 2-3 days including a day trip to Siena or Lucca

Bologna – 3 days, open to day trips in the region, especially for food! 😉

Venice – On the fence, would spend just one day or an overnight here IF you feel it’s absolutely worth seeing. I’ve heard mixed feedback so I’m willing to cut it out in favour of something that makes more sense. Please give me feedback. 🙂

Cinque Terre – 2-3 days, then back to Rome for the flight home


The above itinerary, but swap out Bologna for 3 days in Naples to see Vesuvius/Pompeii instead.


– I don’t really care what order I see the cities in aside from starting/finishing in Rome, whatever makes most sense logistically is what I’ll do.

– I’d love to see the Amalfi Coast, but I think trying to work that into any of the above itinerary is too hectic so I don’t mind saving it for another time. Same goes for Sicily.

If there’s anywhere I haven’t listed that you feel I should really try and see, please let me know!

Any and all feedback is much appreciated. <3