4 days from Toulouse to Nantes in September

Hi everyone,

Next year I will be in France for the Rugby World Cup, travelling around the country over a week to see a few games.

Myself and my friends have no plans/games between Tuesday in Toulouse, and our only requirement is to be in Nantes either by Friday evening or early-ish Saturday.

We could hire a car or more likely just travel by train.

Where would you recommend visiting? I think ideally we would like to make our way up towards Nantes, rather than head away and end up with a very long journey on the last day.

Interests are pretty much anything – ideally some nice scenery, food, wine but not too fussy in any specifics

Side note: Before Toulouse we have a few days in Bordeaux, so would prefer to see some other areas if possible.

Thank you in advance!


Help/Advice needed – dealing with airline who reversed their position regarding expensive ticketing issue.

Two months ago my wife was flying from the US to Paris via a stop in Newark. 15 hours before departure she was notified that her flight to Newark had been cancelled. She immediately got in line to talk to someone at this airline, as she can drive herself to Newark and catch her flight to Paris. While waiting she received a message that she had been automatically rescheduled for the following day, exactly the situation she was trying to avoid.

When she finally reached a human being they said her economy class seat had already been given away in the preceding two hours, and there were no seats available. She was looking at the flight on her end and saw there were multiple open business class seats, for thousands upon thousands of dollars. She asked if, as this airline had given away her seat, if she could have one of the business class seats.

She was told that she could buy a seat, and since they cancelled on her she could apply to have it reimbursed. She has multiple screenshots and saved the entirety of the conversation where the customer service agent said the seat would be reimbursed , especially after she explained she can’t afford spending 9K on a business class ticket. She saved the entire conversation, and everything the agent told her. It seemed like a surefire guarantee of reimbursement.

She went ahead, bought the business class seat, drove herself to Newark, and got into Paris when she was originally scheduled to.

When she applied for reimbursement from the airline they denied the claim, and while what the customer service agent told her regarding reimbursement and what the airline would do seemed airtight, I guess they found some way to perceive the customer service agent’s words in such a way where they stated they don’t actually have to reimburse her.

Naturally she is beside herself, and has been exploring a range of options from small claims court, to filing a complaint with the Federal DOT. We have a lawyer in the family and I advised that she speak to him just to get some advice.

We don’t want the fallout of this resulting in a blacklisting, and we agreed an ideal solution would be a reimbursement of the difference between the 2.5K a business class seat would normally cost, and the 9K she paid.

Has anyone ever been in this situation who can provide some guidance or advice?

The airline involved is a US airline.


Australia itinerary help

Hello! Planning our three week Australia trip for this Nov/Dec. Some of the time will be spent with family near Melbourne, but we have just shy of two weeks to spend between Sydney and Northern Queensland.

I current have 3 full days plus most of another day laid out to spend in Sydney at the start of the trip. We also want to go to Port Douglas for a few days to relax and do a GBR tour, and high on my list is to drive up to Cape Tribulation to spend some time in the rainforest. We also plan on staying in Cairns for just a couple of nights yo do the Kuranda train.

My question is, should I spend a day less in Sydney and add another day to our time in Daintree/Cape Trib so we can stay there for 3 nights instead of two? I’ve read that while Sydney is a great city, it is just a city at the end of the day, and might not be as interesting as the rainforest!

Also open to any other suggestions in those areas!


Spain-Morocco, just need a bit of help planning

Our general plan looks like this so far

– We land in Lisbon which we’ll stay for the night. The next morning we fly to Madrid, I debated wether or not to go to Seville first then Madrid for reasons I’ll mention later but I *think* Madrid might be the better choice.

– We stay 2 days in Madrid, one of the days I hope to go to Toledo. After that we take the train to Barcelona, don’t know wether Zaragoza is worth stopping at or not

– We stay 2 days in Barcelona. We head to Valencia probably by plane, i don’t know if there’s any other quick and cheap option.

– Stay 1 day in Valencia and leave the next morning for Granada. I kinda need help finding a good generally cheap and quick way to get there

– 1 or 2 days in Granada, I’m thinking 1 since it’s seems smaller but everyone talks about how beautiful it is so maybe 2. From here I don’t know if I should go to Cordoba or Malaga.

– Probably will only spend 1 day in Cordoba/Malaga. After that we go to Seville which pains me a bit because it seems more efficient to head to Spain after Cordoba/Malaga.

– I’m thinking 2 days in Seville

**Now I need to know a good way to get to Morocco**

– I was thinking of heading over to Gibraltar just for a quick visit as it seems interesting and to check out the monkeys but not even for a full day, after that getting a ferry from Algeciras to Tangier. I’d love to say I “sailed” across the Strait of Gibraltar but I’m willing to change all of this if it seems like a bad idea and there’s something a lot
better. Also I plan on renting a car for this portion of the trip unless the busses and grand taxis are truly good enough

– Still most options seem to land in Tangier but I haven’t heard great things about it so I plan on heading to Chefchaouen as soon as possible

– Despite my heart wanting to stay in Chefchaouen for 2 days, since it’s small I think I can see a lot of pretty things and get going after 1. We then go to either Meknes or Fes but most likely Fes for reasons I’ll bring up later. There seems to be two roads, the N13 seems more efficient but if the N2-R509-N8 is a more scenic drive i could live with that as well.

– If we go to Fes we stay 2 days, if we go to Meknes we stay 1 . Originally I thought Meknes first then Fez and then I would head to Ouarzazate by way of Errachidia and after Ouarzazate we go to Marrakech. I thought it might be nice to maybe make a bunch of day trips like Tinghir and Skoura but honestly it just seems like a lot of driving and our schedule already maybe seems pretty tight. Maybe that is a good idea please let me know but now I’m thinking Fes then Meknes along with it’s famous day trips, then we head to Rabat.

– Rabat looks nice but wasn’t really originally on the agenda but it seems nice enough. Pictures look nice and I’ve heard good things but also some bad so I’m not sure maybe just 1 day there. Then we head to Marrakech.

– I’m aware of all the notoriety with Marrakech but it still seems fun. I want to spend two days there, in truth really only 1 because the next day I want to do an Atlas mountain trip. I’m hoping the Atlas mountain trip will scratch my itch of originally wanting to head to Ouarzazate after Fes, and I hope we get to see sone thing like Ait Benhaddou and sone oases. Once we get back the next day I want to head to Essaouira

– I’m thinking 2 days in Essaouira but if people agree it can be done in 1 I can settle for that. After that I think we head up the coast to Casablanca or Rabat and get a flight back to Lisbon and we head back home from Lisbon.


Best roller bag for wedding travel?

Hey all!

Traveling for a week-long wedding trip during which I’ll need to pack 2 suits and a couple pairs of shoes, in addition to a couple sets of other clothes/essentials.

Usually I’m a duffle person, but thinking about upgrading to a roller bag where I can pack my suits semi decently and fit enough shirts, shorts and underwear to get me through a couple days.

Would love if it was also able to fit in an overhead compartment as we’re flying into a major, busy airport and I’ve had too many experiences getting checked luggage lost. Would also love for it to be somewhat affordable- after how pricy this trip is, don’t want to drop a ton of extra cash on a bag if I’ll still usually be using my duffle. Would love to keep it around or under $200, with a little flexibility.


I want to travel the world and with in Canada but still want to stay close to my Mom

tl:dr at the bottom. I know you may all say I need to not worry and just leave a go shouldn’t be so attached to my mom. I don’t live in my moms basement I’m independent got money in the savings and always have a job going. But I’m a 23 year old male and my Mom is my only family I have honestly the only one, shes already 60 had me late and I just have an amazing passion for the outdoors travelling and camping but don’t want to not see my Mom for 9 months out of the year I love her very much and we’ve been through hell and back together many times through life and just want to keep a good relationship in person as well, please just tell me the best way to keep a good in person relationship while travelling a lot and tell Im overthinking all this and it’ll be fine lol

I just want to hear your guys thoughts because its a the only deciding factor I’m stuck on for travelling the world

tl:dr How do I travel the world and not feel like I abandoned my mom in the process?


Work Visa

So my girlfriend and I are from Canada and are planning on applying for a work visa for a year and are wanting to head to Australia in June 2023. I know some people that have done something similar and all ended up working on farms doing odd jobs, which I want to say we aren’t against by any means, we would just prefer to stay in and around a city/town off the go if possible. My question is what other opportunities/routes can we go that would allow us to get a “regular jobs”, as I have heard that you can get, but after you do your stint on the farm/in the fields.

My girlfriend currently has a serving job but is open for anything, and I have completed two years of post secondary education and received my diploma in Police Studies. I also plan on getting a internationally recognized personal trainer certification in the upcoming months. long shot but hey!

We have done plenty of travelling around the globe already, so this time we decided to switch it up and try out a working visa so we could stay a while.

I would also like to add that we are by no means stuck on Australia, we kinda just threw a dart at a map and that’s where it landed. So if anyone else has gone to Australia or somewhere else with a working visa I would love to hear about your experiences as well.



I’ve ditched buying travel insurance, thoughts?

The more I’ve traveled the more my opinion on travel insurance has soured, and now I just don’t buy it anymore. I do buy some cheap, high deductible travel medical insurance though.

I’m mid thirties, have healthy savings, spend 3-6 months every year on the road, favor long term, somewhat spontaneous style backpacking trips, generally in cheaper countries. I rarely book accommodation more than a few days in advance and flights more than a few weeks in advance. It feels like most of the stuff that travel insurance would cover, flight issues, trip interruption or cancellation, recovering expensive pre-booked hotels and excursions, most of that doesn’t really help me.

For medical care, I’ve always gone to local hospitals and clinics and the cost of care in the vast majority of places is just so incredibly cheap, especially compared to the US. Sometimes its even free. I feel like most people have greatly inflated perceptions of what it actually costs to get basic care abroad, just paying cash at a your local clinics. You do have to avoid the scammy tourist clinics in some places though. Normally if I have a health issue I actually prefer to be abroad so I don’t have to pay the ridiculous US health care costs and navigate through all the BS. When I’m outside the US I do pay for disaster medical insurance with a $5,000 deductible, so I’m covered in case something really horrific happens

Also there are so many ways for travel insurance to not pay out. In my 20’s when I had good travel insurance I had so many bad experiences.

Stolen Camera – couldn’t get paid because I bought it on craigslist, ie didn’t have a receipt for what it cost.

Monsoon stranded me on an island in Thailand making me miss an expensive flight – couldn’t get paid out because I couldn’t come up with enough proof it happened. It was a Thai military ship that got us off the island, obv I didn’t get a ticket + receipt for that.

Had an infected scrape on my foot, went to a tourist health clinic, they called my travel insurance company telling them it was an emergency to get instant coverage which they agreed, and then that clinic sent them some insane bill, which ultimately the insurance company tried to make me pay and I had to get a lawyer.

Anyway, I think travel insurance kinda sucks and too many people seem to talk about it like it’s this must-have thing. Way overrated imo. I do think it’s a good idea to get some amount of medical insurance when traveling though.