Western europe by eurail pass

hello! im going to go to western europe in early november and leaving from MUC on 1 december! me and my family of 6 are planning to go from london to paris , paris to zurich, zurich to milan via bernina express, and milan to munich via night train. we are planning to get the 7 days over a month global pass as we will be taking trains such as eurostar and other intercity trains, as well as night train and scenic train. Would it be better to just by the tickets from point to point via omio or other websites or get the global pass! ive seen many posts about the insufficiencies of the eurail pass lately and im having second thoughts about buying them! i would appreciate any tips to save on cost and for a more enjoyable journey!


Amalfi Coast – Stay in Sorrento all 7 days or Stay in Vietri the first 3 then move to Sorrento?

Hi everyone, I wanted clarity when planning my trip between Sorrento and Vietri Sul Mare within the Amalfi coast. Price is irrelevant as they are the same. I have 2 options:

**Option 1**: Stay in Sorrento all 7 nights. We would fly into Rome and then train to Naples and ferry to Sorrento. From Sorrento, we would do day trips to Capri, Positano, Amalfi, and potentially not visit Vietri Sul Mare.

**Option 2:** Stay in Vietri Sul Mare the first 3 days then move to Sorrento for the last 4 days. From Vietri Sul Mare, we would explore Salerno and the beaches the first day, explore Vietri and Salerno the second day, then take a day trip to Amalfi the third day. On the fourth day, we would travel to Sorrento by either ferry or blablacar.

I would love to hear anyones feedback please if they think its worth staying in Vietri Sul Mare or if Sorrento would be better to stay all 7 nights. The only difference would be staying in Vietri the first couple of nights and Sorrento the following nights.


Question on where to apply for Schengen Visa

My wife is trying to visit me in Germany on a tourist visa until my Blue Card status is finalized.

The German consulate in India is really backed up and the appointment wait times are 2-3 months. On the other hand, the Swiss consulate has almost no waiting time.

My wife has relatives in Switzerland . When applying for Schengen Visa from Switzerland, she can show her purpose is to visit her family in Switzerland, and then after a few days in Switzerland , she could come spend some time with me in Frankfurt . Would it be okay in this case to still apply for a Schengen visa from the Swiss Consulate?

If applying for a subsequent visa, what date should she say she visited Germany? The dates she gives in the visa application or the dates she actually was in Germany?


Mobile Phone plans for multiple European countries?

Hello all! My friend and I are planning on traveling to a few European countries in December & January for about 3 weeks, and we’re in the early stages of choosing which countries, how long we want to be there, what we’re going to do, and all the logistics that go along with that. One question of ours is regarding mobile phone plans! I know American providers charge an arm and a leg DAILY while abroad, and I’ve been told before to use local plans. We have unlocked phones, but since we may only be in each country for less than a week, what would the best course of action be? We’ll definitely want access to data when possible, and I’m hoping for the most affordable but practical plan possible. Does anyone have experience with short term phone plans in multiple European countries, or other recommendations therein? Thank you in advance!


Travel does not have to be far away.

Especially in these times of inflation, where plane tickets are expensive and airports are a nightmare in many places due to staff shortages.

Where ever you live, there are cities and towns 2-3 hours away you have not visited, or more rural areas you do not know well. Find a rental or hotel/motel/B&B and spend a few days. every area has something to visit and do.

You’d be surprised what you can find nearby. this applies to pretty much anywhere, though if you live in the middle of nowhere, you may have to extend that to 5-6 hours.

Often its a city you may have been to a few times for business or whatever reason, but you were always in and out. Going as a tourist makes you see things differently.

Let us know your nice spots near where you live. they usually are easy on the wallet as well.

edit: upvote for you, and for you, you all get an upvote! thanks for the suggestions btw. some of these are going on my list.


Driving vs flying to Long Beach

My friend and I were going to go to Hilton Head but we ended up pushing that trip back. Now we are interested in going to Catalina Island .

We are trying to decide whether we should fly or drive and wondering if we could get some advice.

Pros of driving:
– we won’t have to pay for Ubers from the airport
– factoring in time waiting at the airport, it would be about the same time driving as flying
– more on our schedule, and with flights getting delayed it would be nice to have more freedom
– we can split the cost of gas

Cons of driving:
– would have to pay for parking, though not as expensive
– we would have to get up early
– we haven’t driven that way before

Pros of flying:
– we would fly in the morning so there is less likelihood of a flight getting canceled
– we like flying

Cons of flying:
– we would have to drive to the airport and pay for parking or get someone to drive us
– would have to schedule Ubers
– the time would be cutting it close

I’m honestly leaning a bit toward driving only because of the airport thing, but I just don’t know. The drive is 5 hours.


Ryanair boarding pass question

So I am flying Ryanair to Dublin in the next few days. Apparently I have to print off a physical boarding pass and cannot use a mobile boarding pass . This is not available to me until 24 hours of my flight time. Then I have to do the same for the return boarding pass which doesn’t open until 24 hours before my departure time. The issue is my accommodation does not have a customer printer, so I’m not sure how I will be able to print this off in Dublin. Ryanair told me that if I don’t have a physical copy of my boarding pass, they can print it off for me at the cost of £55 each way.

Do I have this correct? I have never flown Ryanair before, but this seems unnecessarily complicated and bordering on a scam.


EasyJet refund/compensation – how long for decision?

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place for this.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with ‘EC261 Compensation & Expense Claims’ with easyJet? I’m just wondering how long it took for them to assess both your compensation and expense claims, and whether the outcome was positive?

My flight home was cancelled in June leaving me to pay for a flight on an alternative airline to a different UK airport as there were no flights available to switch to with easyJet for 2 days. I’ve submitted for the expense of the new flights, for the cost of the train to the original airport, and submitted a compensation claim. Just want to estimate how much longer I’ll be waiting and if it’s likely I’ll get my money back!



How do I plan my Las Vegas visit?

Hi all.
I’m visiting Las Vegas with my SO. Both of us are 28 years old, no kids, coming from Asia.

We’ll arrive in late September, having a night + 5 days + a morning in Vegas. I really want to take a car, and experience the nature around Vegas. I don’t mind being left with 2 days or so in Vegas. Note that I can’t shorten or extend my stay. I arrive at Vegas airport and leave from the same airport.

What would you suggest? Of course this includes staying around the parks. Ideally I’d like to arrive at Vegas, have a day there, see parks for 3 days, and end my stay in Vegas with another day.

Also how would the weather be in those parks in late September?

Thank you so much in advance!


Where are the best places you’ve visited in October/November

Hey folks, I’m in the early stages of planning an international trip this fall. I’ve just started a new job and I get 8 PTO days for the year and I’m intent on using all of them. I’m looking at using 5, no more than 6, days for this trip. That’s going to be a 10/11 day trip, factoring in a max of two weekends if I book it smart.

I’ve been to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Mexico, and am looking for a new experience, probably South America or Africa. My budget is $2,000 USD or less but I could be convinced to add a bit more of its really worth it. Flying from USA, Cincinnati, Ohio specifically.

Some early favorites for this are Colombia, Argentina and South Africa, but I am open to all suggestions! Looking for good food and nature spots. A good balance between urban experiences and more nature based things would be great. A beach would be fun but it’s not necessary.