Travel card: best way to use?

am going on a 3 month holiday and will need to spend GBP, EUR and CAD.

I will be using my TransferWise account as I believe it will be the best conversion rates but am wondering how most people go about this?

Do you:

A) Just add money to your account in your home currency and allow TransferWise to convert as you go?

B) Do you create separate foreign currency accounts

and convert ahead of time?

Any insight is much appreciated!

And I definitely have learned that you always pay in the currency while abroad and don’t let machines do the automatic conversions for you or else you pay much more 🙂


Europe 2023

Hi! I’m starting to look into a late May/early June 2023 trip for my husband and me to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, as well as my graduation from my doctoral program. Besides trips to Mexico, USVI, and the Dominican Republic, I have never traveled outside of the States. Traveling to Europe has been a dream of mine since I was young, and this seems like the perfect timing to do so.

We are stuck between two options, each of which would be around 10 days:
• Italy
• London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam

I would like to cap off each of these trips with a few days in Barcelona , where my best friend lives. We would plan to fly home from there.

Would love to hear others’ thoughts/experiences. Which of these trips would you prefer? Preface to say we love food and culinary experiences, and are huge history buffs. We also love a mix of planned activities/tourist spots but also exploring on our own.


1 week in Northern California, where to stay/go?

Hi! I’ll be flying into SFO for a week in early september with some friends and am wondering where to stay. We will have a car the entire time

1.) We have some things we want to do in San Francisco, is it worth it to stay there the entire week and make it our home base, or should we spend a couple of nights there and go somewhere else? What neighborhood should we stay in?

2.) we’re not camping outdoorsy people but we do like nature, so as long as were not sleeping in the woods and back in a bed at night, we’d love to see what northern cali has to offer scenic wise.

3.) beaches? we want to do a beach day but are unsure where to go. Ive heard carmel by the sea is beautiful but are there other/better options?

we dont drink wine so were not super interested in napa valley!


tips for an anxious (extremely) flyer?

Hello everyone! As much as I love to travel, I have always been a very nervous flyer, this has somehow not changed despite having travelled quite a bit.

I was meant to be flying to Singapore last night from Australia, unfortunately we had to make an emergency landing due to technical issues. Needless to say I was freaking tf out and had a panic attack. I am usually medicated, and have a large wine or two when I go on flights, but this situation was overwhelming and basically overcame the side effects of the meds.

The replacement flight is tonight and I am trying my best to overcome my fear and irrational thoughts. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t be getting on another airplane for awhile at least, however this is not an option.

As i am trying to psych myself up for tonight’s flight, any helpful tips or advice would be appreciated!


Solo traveling in the USA: 3-4 weeks

Hey all, my name is Eden and I’m new here! I’m 26 years old.

I’m planning a trip to the USA and my main plan is visiting large cities with many fun activities, and mainly to walk a lot, sleep at hostels and meet cool people from all around.

Also I’m a photographer so I plan on finding some photogenic places 😉

My destinations for now are New York City, Chicago and New Orleans.

My budget is not limited, I can fly freely to any location.

I have already been to NYC and I plan on staying there for up to a week .

I have many questions and hope some of you can help me find answers!

1. Are Chicago and New Orleans worth a visit?
2. I would like to go on one Amtrak trip on my trip, preferably 20+ hour one , any recommendations?
3. I also wanted to visit California but I’m not sure if it’s too tight . Thoughts?
4. Are there any interesting places to visit along the rout to either of the cities mentioned above?
5. Are there any cities from which I can take a bus or a train to go for a day hike and come back to the hostel?
6. Any other notes and recommendations?

I know my questions are very general but hopefully I will find some insight with your help!


Bus in Ios (Greece)

Hello, in August I will be for 4 days in the beautiful island of Ios. I would like to spend a day at Manganari beach, but all the rental vehicles tell me that they don’t rent anything for just one day and to go the same morning to see if there is any vehicle available. Since the period will be one of the busiest I have to find a solution to reach the beach because most likely I will not find anything available. I can’t find anything about any public transport except that there is a bus for which, however, I can’t find any time or indication. Has anyone been there in this period and can you give me some more information? Thanks in advance


The airline gives discount hotel vouchers when it delays or cancels a flight- at what discount?

I understand that if you wait in that hour-long line at customer service at the airport after your last flight of the day is delayed or canceled, they may give you a coupon or voucher for a discounted hotel.

In comparison to the retail rate that the general public would pay for that hotel– what do you generally pay with the airline-offered hotel voucher?


PSA: AirAsia is deceptive by using “excess weight“ baggage fees to make their money back on offering “cheap” flights. Don’t fall for it.

AirAsia charges **$10 USD per overweight KG.** This can add up *very quickly*. I checked their terms and conditions and it doesn’t say this anywhere, yet this is what I encountered twice both in Indonesia and Thailand.

Me: “Show me where it says that in the policy”.

Attendant: “You can look at it yourself”.

Me: “I don’t have time for that.”

Attendant: “You can contact customer service” .

Their weight machine also adds an extra ~.5 KG. When I asked about this they just said “No it’s fine”.

You’ve been warned!


Advice on Italy Trip

I plan to do a trip to Italy within the next year. I’d like to go for two weeks, but that isn’t clear yet. I do plan to go to Rome no matter what, but I’m trying to prioritize what other locations I’d like to go to.

I’d love to go to an Amalfi coast town, a town near the Dolomites, and somewhere in the Puglia region. I am flexible in picking and choosing between these and other cities. For the Dolomites, what’s the best town/city to stay at to hike there/ see them? Which Amalfi coast town has some tourism but isn’t overflowing with them? Where in Puglia is the best option? I want an Italy experience but I do want some more authentic cities. Architecture, history, and natural beauty matters the most to me.

It just seems that there are too many places to choose from, and I’d love some advice from Italians or people who have traveled plenty in Italy.

Thanks in advice for the advice


Day trips from Prague with public transit

I’m trying to decide on a destination for my fall break in October, and I’m thinking about going back to Prague. I have been there once before for 3 days, and I feel like there is a lot that I missed. I will have six full days not including the travel days in and out, and I don’t think I’ll want to spend all of that in Prague. I’m trying to see what might be some good day trips to consider.

I have Hrensko and the Nationalpark Sachsische Schweiz on my list of places to see, but I’m not sure if either of these are doable by public transit. Would love to hear from someone who’s been here who can speak on transit and whether they felt it was worth it.

I also have Dresden on my list, so would love to hear what people think about this city as well. Day trip? Overnight? Worth it?

What other ideas should I consider for day trips from Prague?

I’m pretty well traveled in Europe. I like art, architecture, history, classical music, postcard photo destinations, hiking in the mountains… I travel solo, and am not really into the party scene. I like to be on the go and see as much as possible . I’ve been to Vienna and Budapest, so probably wouldn’t add those to this trip. I haven’t been to Berlin yet, so maybe that’s an option for this trip?

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome!