I’m torn – I want to be in nature but I also want to be in a metropolitan city

I’m 25 f and planning a trip in August for 2 weeks on a tight budget. I’m from southern California . Iceland was *on* my list of places to travel but recently rose to the top. I’ve just had a new desire to be immersed in nature. I was seriously considering Iceland until I started thinking about the cities already at the top of my list – London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. I am totally torn.

The last city I went to was NYC and i loved it. I’m not sure if I want another experience in a big, quirky city with a fun nightlife or something nature-oriented. I don’t spend time in nature as is so I’m worried Iceland will be a lot for me to handle on my own. Also Iceland seems more expensive than the cities I named. In big cities, everything seems relatively close by…. but I also want to explore scenic parts. I’m back to the drawing board…

What’s a city outside the United States that has the best of both worlds – big city and nature?