Fifteenth country milestone (for me at least), and it finally happened!

So I went to Panama last week, which was my 15th country visited and I LOST MY PHONE!

I lost it within a few hours of getting there and that threw me off for a bit, more so as my Spanish is no bueno! Had to spend time making reports etc., I couldn’t use apps to meet locals, I had no idea of direction or where I was so I didn’t visit a few places and had to go old school and print out some direction maps at the hotel ha!

Also didn’t go with my laptop and therefore couldn’t access Gmail on the hotel computer since they wanted to text to verify it was me.

As a solo / avid traveler I feel there are a few things that everyone will experience at one time or another, as follows:

1) Lose important item – achieved in country 15

2) Miss a flight / train – achieved in country 8

3) Food poisoning or not agreeing with your stomach – pending

4) Theft / robbery / shakedown – pending

Has any of these things ever happened to you? How did you deal?