Driving vs flying to Long Beach

My friend and I were going to go to Hilton Head but we ended up pushing that trip back. Now we are interested in going to Catalina Island .

We are trying to decide whether we should fly or drive and wondering if we could get some advice.

Pros of driving:
– we won’t have to pay for Ubers from the airport
– factoring in time waiting at the airport, it would be about the same time driving as flying
– more on our schedule, and with flights getting delayed it would be nice to have more freedom
– we can split the cost of gas

Cons of driving:
– would have to pay for parking, though not as expensive
– we would have to get up early
– we haven’t driven that way before

Pros of flying:
– we would fly in the morning so there is less likelihood of a flight getting canceled
– we like flying

Cons of flying:
– we would have to drive to the airport and pay for parking or get someone to drive us
– would have to schedule Ubers
– the time would be cutting it close

I’m honestly leaning a bit toward driving only because of the airport thing, but I just don’t know. The drive is 5 hours.