Can anyone help me? Romania / Transylvania advice

This might be a long short but I’m in need of advice. Right now I’m not having the greatest time.

I’m in the middle of a trip in Romania, where I spent the first two days in Oradea and am now in Cluj. My idea was to use this as a base to travel around and see Transylvania, however when I get here I’m finding it very hard to secure decent accomodation or advice on where good hikes would be. There’s not really any sort of hostel culture here so I’m stuck going from airbnb’s. It also seems like a lot more of that stuff is centered around Brasov.

The areas I want to see in the Cluj area are Lake Tarnita and Cheile Borzesti, and especially the Apuseni mountains. Are organised tours the best way to see these? Are there any other options?

It seems like I’d be able to get taxis to places, using bolt etc, but how would I be able to get back? Also keen on hearing advice around what I should do in Sibiu and Brasov. Any help would be great, thanks!