Backpacking Party Routes at 30

Hi Everyone,

Love this sub and have got so much great information from it. I appreciate there’s been a lot of age related posts in regard to travel but I was hoping for some recent experiences of people solo travelling in their 30s at what I’d call your typical party locations I.e Thailand Koh Phangan…

For context, I’m turning 30 this year and I’ve decided to pull the plug on my current job and go on a huge round the world trip for a year. Alot of reasons for this and I’d have probably done it sooner had covid not introduced itself.

I’ve done a decent amount of travel before but obviously nothing on this scale and it’s not travel I’d have called backpacking. For this trip, I want to go to the popular backpacking routes such as SE Asia down into Australia/New Zealand.

As I say any experiences you could provide of being in your 30s at full moon parties/party hostels/parties in general would be appreciated! Any recommendations you could drop in for SE Asia would also be appreciated!