Rate my South America Itinerary

Hi all,

Long time solo traveller here, first time going for over 2 months alone and travelling to multiple places along the road. I’m planning a solo journey through South America from August – November/December next year. This is my itinerary so far. I realise it’s probably in pretty bad shape at the moment due to this being my first draft, so scathing criticism is more than welcome. I have never been to South America.

I realise it looks like I’ve overplanned already but this is literally just a loose ‘Would this be possible?’ route. I am very very open to things changing along the way and have an expandable budget. I’m just seeing if this rough route would be possible physically, emotionally and financially on this rough budget.

I will be 30M by this point and coming from the UK, planning to stay in hostels and get buses to keep costs down. I’m not really interested in nightlife, mainly nature and history. I don’t drink alcohol or take drugs . I’m very used to living on an extremely tight budget when travelling, but if this is too tight then say as I have room to adjust.

Trip Length: 3-4 Months

Trip Budget: £6-7000

Please assume that unless stated, I will get buses between the places below and they are in the order I plan to visit them. *On that, does anyone know a good bus route from Quito to Lima or is flying best?*


• Bogotá

• Medellín

• Cartagena

• Santa Marta

• Lost City Trek

• Santa Marta

• Tayrona National Park

• Santa Marta


• Quito

• Galapagos

• Quito


• Lima

• Cusco

• Arequipa

• Lake Titicaca

• Arequipa


• La Paz

• Salt Flat


• San Pedro de Atacama

• Santiago

• Punta Arenas

• Puerto Natales


• Buenos Aires

• Iguazu Falls

• Buenos Aires


which US city has good public transport other than NY

Basically the title.

I want to do a three week trip to a big US city but I hear that for most cities, it is best to have a car. I looked at renting a car but it is pretty expensive and rather spend my money on something else.

New York is a bit too expensive for me too go for three weeks.

If anybody has any experience with public transport in the US or travel around some big cities it would very much be appreciated.


Edit: This post blew up holy sh*t. Thanks everyone for the nice messages and responses. I still need to read through most of them but I am going to give NY another look.

I want to clarify. I want to stay in one city for three weeks because I want do something specific there. I want do a small training camp right before I do a big competition back home.


Looking to connect with musicians/poets/artists in Budapest.

Hi There!

I don’t know if this is the place to ask, and I’m happy to be recommended a better sub to post this on, but I’m traveling to Budapest in a few days to visit some family and I am eager to potential find musicians or poets or artists to connect with. Are there any spots in the city I should check out? I am a violist who improvs and loves to jam with other musicians! I am also a poet and oil painter and I’d be eager to know if there is anyone out there who could point me in the right direction.

I will be there the 7th through the 17th of this month. I am eager for any recs, even if it’s just places I’d be more inclined to run into art/people creating art/performance art or things of the like.

Thank you and I hope you all have a beautiful day!


First Solo trip

Hello all, I will be doing my first real solo trip this summer prior to going back to school again. I’ve been bouncing around ideas originally looking at a group run, but now I’m thinking of doing it solo and enjoy my love of planning and navigating on my own. This will be my first major trip planning and first time at hostels. I have travelled to SE asia with the navy for port visits so I’m not completely lost to travelling and foreign countries.About me: Not a big arts person but enjoy experiencing new cultures and enjoy some history. Want to experience some nightlife and try to break out of my shell but not ever night . Love experiencing the landscape and that’s why hiking one of the Alps is on my list. But also looking at trying to fit in some relaxing days here and there. Only speak English, but will be practicing a little bit of German and/or Spanish. At home I 4-wheel, Hike, Paddleboard, Camp, Brunches and Craft beer/Wine tastings.This is what I’m kinda looking at for itinerary, is there anything I should change/remove. I’m trying to get a lay of the land and maybe do more detailed trips in each country in the future, ex full Italy trip vs just Venice. Much Appreciated

July 14 – Aug 9, budget is around $5k CAD
–Fly out of Vancouver, Canada-Amsterdam – 3 Days
-Berlin – 3 Days
-Krakow – 3 Days
-Prague – 3 Days
-Salzburg – 4 Days – Plan on hiking a mtn for a full day
-Venice – 3 Days
-Nice – 3 Days
-Barcelona – 4 Days – Beach day
-Fly to London – 4 Days
-Brussels – 1 Day
-Utrecht – 1 Day
-Amsterdam – 1 Day
–Fly back to Canada

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Strange pull towards a country

It is a bit hard to explain but here we go.

I am 22 and when I was 16 yo I was a pic of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia. Ever since Sofia was in my travel plans and Bulgaria in general.

I literally never met any bulgarian before I travelled here and def don’t have bulgarian or slavic heritage.

Lately I got interested in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Also Russia and tried to learn Russian.

I also got fixated on travelling to Turkey and Indonesia or Vietnam.

I arrived a few days ago and I felt a strange connection to the city, people are friendly and helpful but don’t speak much English but Bulgarian is limited to a few words.

I just left Sofia to see more and as soon as I left I thought I wanted to stay more or come back, like wtf?

I was sick for a day or two so maybe I felt like I didn’t see enough, had the same feeling in Napoli or Capri as well.

Lisbon was also great too.

Some say Sofia is ugly and not the best looking city but I felt like the mix of culture and less tourist oriented stuff makes it less phony and more genuine

Nothing against touristic stuff but Rome was very touristic oriented or Nice, everything felt like a tourist trap.


I’m torn – I want to be in nature but I also want to be in a metropolitan city

I’m 25 f and planning a trip in August for 2 weeks on a tight budget. I’m from southern California . Iceland was *on* my list of places to travel but recently rose to the top. I’ve just had a new desire to be immersed in nature. I was seriously considering Iceland until I started thinking about the cities already at the top of my list – London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. I am totally torn.

The last city I went to was NYC and i loved it. I’m not sure if I want another experience in a big, quirky city with a fun nightlife or something nature-oriented. I don’t spend time in nature as is so I’m worried Iceland will be a lot for me to handle on my own. Also Iceland seems more expensive than the cities I named. In big cities, everything seems relatively close by…. but I also want to explore scenic parts. I’m back to the drawing board…

What’s a city outside the United States that has the best of both worlds – big city and nature?


Am I being too harsh on myself?

So it’s my last weekend while travelling, I’m going home on the 10th and today I just have no one to go out with. One of my friends from the hostel doesn’t want to. I tried to download a dating app, literally just to have dinner with someone but for some reason my account isn’t working. I also have a tour tomorrow at 6:40 am so dont really want to go out late. I keep blaming myself, like “I should’ve chosen a party hostel or something” but at the same time it is in the centre of town and the reviews said it was sociable. “I should’ve been more out going” but I did ask people from my hostel if they wanted to go out but no one did. “I should’ve looked for more options” but I did try to go on a dating app for alternatives to meet other people. “You’ve done nothing” but I did do a lot today, considering I have a bad leg as well.

If a good friend of mine was in the same situation I would tell them sometimes things just don’t work out but when it’s me, I do just tend to blame myself. I just feel like I’ve wasted my last weekend even though I did go out last night.


Can anyone help me? Romania / Transylvania advice

This might be a long short but I’m in need of advice. Right now I’m not having the greatest time.

I’m in the middle of a trip in Romania, where I spent the first two days in Oradea and am now in Cluj. My idea was to use this as a base to travel around and see Transylvania, however when I get here I’m finding it very hard to secure decent accomodation or advice on where good hikes would be. There’s not really any sort of hostel culture here so I’m stuck going from airbnb’s. It also seems like a lot more of that stuff is centered around Brasov.

The areas I want to see in the Cluj area are Lake Tarnita and Cheile Borzesti, and especially the Apuseni mountains. Are organised tours the best way to see these? Are there any other options?

It seems like I’d be able to get taxis to places, using bolt etc, but how would I be able to get back? Also keen on hearing advice around what I should do in Sibiu and Brasov. Any help would be great, thanks!


PSA: Renew your passport well in advance

PSA: If you plan to travel in the coming months and your passport is set to expire soon, don’t wait, renew it *now*.

Due to staff shortages and a surge in demand, many countries are experiencing huge delays in issuing or renewing passports.

Here in Canada, for instance, the situation has escalated to something of a crisis, with for crowd control due to long waits and people camping out overnight in front of passport offices. Wait times for non-urgent passport renewals are reportedly upwards of six months. Many other countries including the UK and much of Europe are experiencing a similar crunch.

For US citizens seeking advice on American passports, r/travel has a with good up-to-date information.

Note that many countries require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months past your travel date in order to enter. If your passport is set to expire within the next year, it’s likely a good time to start the renewal process.


Fifteenth country milestone (for me at least), and it finally happened!

So I went to Panama last week, which was my 15th country visited and I LOST MY PHONE!

I lost it within a few hours of getting there and that threw me off for a bit, more so as my Spanish is no bueno! Had to spend time making reports etc., I couldn’t use apps to meet locals, I had no idea of direction or where I was so I didn’t visit a few places and had to go old school and print out some direction maps at the hotel ha!

Also didn’t go with my laptop and therefore couldn’t access Gmail on the hotel computer since they wanted to text to verify it was me.

As a solo / avid traveler I feel there are a few things that everyone will experience at one time or another, as follows:

1) Lose important item – achieved in country 15

2) Miss a flight / train – achieved in country 8

3) Food poisoning or not agreeing with your stomach – pending

4) Theft / robbery / shakedown – pending

Has any of these things ever happened to you? How did you deal?