Amalfi Coast – Stay in Sorrento all 7 days or Stay in Vietri the first 3 then move to Sorrento?

Hi everyone, I wanted clarity when planning my trip between Sorrento and Vietri Sul Mare within the Amalfi coast. Price is irrelevant as they are the same. I have 2 options:

**Option 1**: Stay in Sorrento all 7 nights. We would fly into Rome and then train to Naples and ferry to Sorrento. From Sorrento, we would do day trips to Capri, Positano, Amalfi, and potentially not visit Vietri Sul Mare.

**Option 2:** Stay in Vietri Sul Mare the first 3 days then move to Sorrento for the last 4 days. From Vietri Sul Mare, we would explore Salerno and the beaches the first day, explore Vietri and Salerno the second day, then take a day trip to Amalfi the third day. On the fourth day, we would travel to Sorrento by either ferry or blablacar.

I would love to hear anyones feedback please if they think its worth staying in Vietri Sul Mare or if Sorrento would be better to stay all 7 nights. The only difference would be staying in Vietri the first couple of nights and Sorrento the following nights.