Am I being too harsh on myself?

So it’s my last weekend while travelling, I’m going home on the 10th and today I just have no one to go out with. One of my friends from the hostel doesn’t want to. I tried to download a dating app, literally just to have dinner with someone but for some reason my account isn’t working. I also have a tour tomorrow at 6:40 am so dont really want to go out late. I keep blaming myself, like “I should’ve chosen a party hostel or something” but at the same time it is in the centre of town and the reviews said it was sociable. “I should’ve been more out going” but I did ask people from my hostel if they wanted to go out but no one did. “I should’ve looked for more options” but I did try to go on a dating app for alternatives to meet other people. “You’ve done nothing” but I did do a lot today, considering I have a bad leg as well.

If a good friend of mine was in the same situation I would tell them sometimes things just don’t work out but when it’s me, I do just tend to blame myself. I just feel like I’ve wasted my last weekend even though I did go out last night.