So my itinerary is as follows;

Day 1 Landing tomorrow at 17:30

Day 2 Sleep in, eat good food, drink good drinks,

Day 3 Sleep in, laying in the sun while drinking.

Day 4 Sleep more, maybe go outside of the hotel to find a nice place to drink

Day 5 Sleep a little less maybe, boat trip maybe while drinking a nice white vine.

Day 7 Sleep until noon, then relax after yesterday, maybe drink some water, or red vine as the Christians call it.

Day 8 maybe take a walk, to see if there is anything left to drink.

Day 9 Leaving next Saturday at 18:30,

The end.

I really am struggling to get more vine, beer, and spirits to drink into my itinerary…

This is for all of you who take such a detailed itinerary that you don’t even have time for toilet breaks, crap I forgot to put that in my itinerary.