Solo travel to Italy for 6 full days in late July. Rome or Rome + Bologna?

Hi folks, as the title says I’ll be in Italy late in July for 6 full days, plus two half-days where I will be flying . I’m deciding between using Rome as a base the whole time + day trips, splitting my time between Rome and Bologna, or splitting my time between Rome and somewhere else.

My travel interests include hiking, a quiet beach, seeing vineyards, seeing catacombs/museums/churches, finding nice bars, meeting new people. Something important is that I’m not good with the heat which is why I’m looking for a middle ground between city and seaside/countryside. I know there are great day trips from Rome, and obviously from Bologna as well, so I’m torn.

My question: out of my options, what would be the best itinerary for beating the heat, seeing nature/vineyards, and spending at least a few days in Rome? Thanks in advance!


Incredible first Solo trip to Croatia, discovered great strategy for jet lag!

Inspired by some family, friends, and certainly this subreddit I took my first solo trip last month, and visited Croatia. I had such a great time, and it’s such a beautiful country. I specifically wanted to talk about my first 2 days of the trip here though.

I flew into Split from the US and I couldn’t sleep at all on the flight. It left at 6pm and I wasn’t tired for either flight. By the time I landed it was 6 am on my body’s time, and I wanted to sleep at this point. I decided not to, and powered through the next 8 hours exploring Split. I was tired, but a few energy drinks helped, and I crashed in my airbnb at 8pm. I had been up for 28 hours straight at that point, so I fell asleep quickly but it was worth it for what would come next.

My body woke me up at 3:45 am the next day. I felt energized and didn’t want any more sleep. So I took my time getting up and left the room at 5am. The prior day I explored Split, as cruise ships full of tourists took people all around the streets and it was extremely crowded. Instead I walked around the streets of Split, and was the only person exploring at this time. I was able to capture some incredible scenes with no people anywhere. When the tower bells rang I was in Diocletians Palace, and I got transported to 300 ad during that minute. It felt like I rented the entire city out myself, and it was such a magical feeling.

I’d recommend this to anyone unsure of how they’d handle jetlag. If you can make it long enough the first day to crash around 6-8pm, you will be rewarded with the most incredible solo exploration experience the next morning!


First time solo traveler (30F) planning a two week Italy trip for October, feedback on itinerary needed!

Hey all,

I’ve never done a solo trip other than a few short city trips within Canada, but am currently in the early stages of planning my two week trip to Italy for October 2022! I’m looking for feedback regarding some itinerary options, and general tips from anyone who has done a similar trip before.

**A bit about me:**

– 30F from Canada, traveling alone

– I have travelled quite a bit within the US and Canada as well as the Caribbean. I consider myself very independent, with street smarts and decent travel acumen, however I have never been to Europe.

– I don’t currently speak Italian, but will start Duolingo and learning basic phrases very soon. I know most major cities in Italy have English speakers, but this will be fun for me. 🙂

– I consider myself more of a go with the flow/see how I feel in the moment type of traveler rather than someone who wants to plan every few hours on an itinerary. I do not want to feel rushed on this trip.

– I’m a big foodie, and want to eat as much delicious food as I can! I also enjoy coffee, wine and cocktails.

– I want to spend most of the trip relaxing, sightseeing, and immersing myself in another culture as much as possible. I have an appreciation for architecture and art as well as good ole people watching. I love nature as well, including the ocean. I enjoy live music and some drinks, but not looking to make this a party trip. I am comfortable talking to strangers and consider myself outgoing.


– I have not booked a flight yet, am waiting to see how good prices will get. Travel time looks to be around 15-20 hours depending on the flight. I’m flexible with dates, but looking to leave no earlier than late September and would like to be there for 13-15 days total.

– I do not want to stay in a hostel environment, they’re just not for me. I would consider airBNBs or hotels. Not looking for anything fancy, but also am willing to pay more to have a comfortable room and good night’s sleep.

– Budget is flexible. I’m not looking to pinch pennies, but also not looking to make this a luxury vacation. I’d like to spend less than 4k with flights included, and expect the flight to be anywhere from $700-900 CAD.

– I don’t have a driver’s license, so I won’t be renting a car. I’m comfortable using public transportation and have used it in other cities just fine. I also quite enjoy walking.


– I will be flying in and out of Rome and would like to spend about four days here. Want to see all of the usual suspects – Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi, Spanish Steps, but also want time to take in the city on my own. I’d like to have one planned activity per day then save the rest of the day for exploring.

– I’m trying to decide if I should spend this trip exploring mid/North Italy, or South. As I don’t want to rush or be spending all my time traveling/checking in and out of hotels, I am picking one or the other and saving the one I don’t do for another trip. Rough ideas below:

*Potential Itinerary:*

Rome – 4 days, open to day trips

Florence – 2-3 days including a day trip to Siena or Lucca

Bologna – 3 days, open to day trips in the region, especially for food! 😉

Venice – On the fence, would spend just one day or an overnight here IF you feel it’s absolutely worth seeing. I’ve heard mixed feedback so I’m willing to cut it out in favour of something that makes more sense. Please give me feedback. 🙂

Cinque Terre – 2-3 days, then back to Rome for the flight home


The above itinerary, but swap out Bologna for 3 days in Naples to see Vesuvius/Pompeii instead.


– I don’t really care what order I see the cities in aside from starting/finishing in Rome, whatever makes most sense logistically is what I’ll do.

– I’d love to see the Amalfi Coast, but I think trying to work that into any of the above itinerary is too hectic so I don’t mind saving it for another time. Same goes for Sicily.

If there’s anywhere I haven’t listed that you feel I should really try and see, please let me know!

Any and all feedback is much appreciated. <3


Guatemala- Sept 2-10

Hi! I’ve just caught the solo travel bug, and so I have a couple of questions about my trip to Guatemala. I like to do a little bit of everything . This will be the first time I will be moving around to different places on a trip…

First, I narrowed down the places I’d like to go to: Lake Atitlan, Antigua and Semuc Champey. My question is whether it’s a good idea to do all three, or should I just focus on Atitlan and Antigua. Even if I spend just one night at SC, I think it may eat up too much time.

Assuming I just do A & A, is it worth it/safe to make a short trip into El Sal? I understand that the more rural areas/ beaches have a different vibe.

Thank you!


Experienced solo traveller, but currently solo in Europe and feeling a bit down and lonely

I’ve done a lot of travelling, some of it solo, and didn’t think twice about booking a holiday alone to Portugal. But I’m just over half way through my week, and feeling increasingly lonely and listless. I think maybe because this is more of a beach holiday than travelling to explore, I’m missing friends or a partner to chat and chill with, prepare meals and eat with, that kind of thing. Dipping in the sea isn’t as fun alone. I’ve got daily yoga lessons which are amazing, and daily surf lessons which I’m finding exhausting and not as fun. I’ve got a hire car to explore in and visiting other towns.

I’ve travelled other parts of Europe alone, along with trips to Africa India and Sri Lanka, and never had an issue. So this has really taken me by surprise and I’m not sure what to do.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips for getting out of this mood? Any help much appreciated.


Advice for a week in Lake Orta (33F)?

I’ve had a pretty difficult couple of years and so I decided to save up and go on my solo trip. I wanted to go somewhere scenic and peaceful, so I have booked a week in Lake Orta at the end of August. I will be staying in an apartment in Orta San Julio and hoping to do some nice local walks and perhaps a day trip to Lake Maggiore.

I would really appreciate tips on:
-What to see/do there if you have been ?

-How to really make the most of a solo trip without it feeing too lonely? I am very used to my own company but I am aware that it might feel different being abroad. I have done portions of travel alone before but never gone on a fully solo trip, so any advice you have on how to really enjoy and make the most of it I would appreciate!

Thanks so much.


Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh?

I’m looking to experience Vietnam for the first in a short duration trip.

I have a full week free end of July and wanted to travel somewhere close so why not try to Vietnam for the first time?!

I’m a male in my early 30s and I have no issues socializing. I’m a history buff and I also love trying our new food eateries and the little hidden joints in town.

Given this, and that I’m a first time visitor to Vietnam, what would you guys at Reddit suggest?

In terms of budget/price they seem very similar to me so I don’t consider it a deciding factor.

I’d be looking at 3 nights in total.

Cheers peeps!


Feedback on my 12-Day Colombian City/Caribbean Coast Itinerary? [solo female traveler]

Hey there.

I am a 27-year-old, female from Canada who will be solo traveling around Colombia for 12 days in late August/early September. I have never been to Colombia before but have traveled in Mexico alone extensively. I am fluent in Spanish.

How’s my itinerary?

I’m pretty chill, love nature, art, pretty views, playing guitar, smoking weed, and meeting cool people!

* 2 days, 2 nights in Medellin
* 1 day, 2 nights in Cartagena
* 3 days, 3 nights in Costeño Beach, visiting Tayrona daily
* 2 days, 2 nights in Palomino
* 2 days, 2 nights in Minca
* Half day, 1 night in Cartagena
* 1 day, 1 night in Bogota

Is Palomino safe for a young woman traveling alone? I’ve heard conflicting reviews. I absolutely will be hitting up Tayrona /Minca near the coast, but am willing to swap out Palomino if anyone has an amazing alternative.

Also open to any restaurant/activity/ hostel suggestions anyone may have.

Lastly, anyone know the best place to hear traditional Colombian music? CUMBIA! AY AY AY

Edit: the reason we are visiting Cartagena twice is because we’ll be flying from Medellin to Cartagena then from Cartagena to Bogota, so this one is a non-negotiable. Flights have already been purchased!


Australia WHV without farm work

Hi everyone,

From the UK and thinking of doing a working holiday pretty much as soon as i can save 5k.

I’ve heard loads of horror stories about farm work so if i can do anything else to extend the visa that would be great.

What are the chances of me finding work in construction or mining ?

I have a btech national in electrics that i never really did anything with.

3 years in construction, 1 year as a Tig Welder and 2-3 years as a Autodesk Drafter.

What region would be good to land in, i want to get my visa extension work done pretty much as soon as i get of the plane so i was thinking maybe WA Perth but would love to know everyone’s recommendations.

If i have to do farm work how do i find a decent place where i can actually make money and not be ripped off?


5 night ntl. park road trip (WV, KY, TN, NC) should I go solo or with my parents? F25

Hi! I am planning out a road trip using my last vacation days before I quit my job, move, and start grad school in the fall. The trip would be approximately 2 weeks away. It would be 5 nights with the following stops:

-Lexington KY

-Mammoth Cave National Park, KY

-Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN

-Asheville, NC

-New River Gorge National Park, WV

I’m having trouble recruiting my college friends and/or work friends because they are limited on vacation days/time/money. My parents aren’t thrilled with the idea of me traveling by myself and offered to join me. I’ve never done a solo trip before.

PROS: It would be nice to have companionship, safety, shared driving duties, and shared hotel costs. We would book nicer hotels and share a room. . Cost savings for gas and hotels.

CONS: My parents are in their sixties and may not be amenable to this fast-paced trip with lots of hiking, outdoor activities, and possibly bar hopping at night. I also value my privacy and sharing a hotel room wouldn’t be ideal. I need some alone time to decompress.

Given these pros and cons, what do you think I should do?