Workaway experience

Has anyone else been frustrated after trying to be a workawayer traveller but not receveing any replies from the people you reach? I have sent dozens of requests, trying to get an occupation that allowed me free accomodation and at least one meal, and most of the people didn’t reply and the one person that did was unavailable. That’s a little frustrating since I’ll be only available to traveling once this year. I feel like I wasted money buying a subscription to Workaway.
PS: I’m backpacking trough Europe this July, and I have sent those requests since Jan/February. Some of them did not even opened the message. And most of them did but didn’t even bother to respond.


Is worth to buy a EU rail pass?

Hi, I am going to travel to Europe for two months as a workaway volunteer, and I am thinking about buying a 4 day within one month pass since I am going to visit three countries, and places I am going to are not big cities and also I’m under 28.
My plan is :
1st July: Italy to Switzerland
15th July: Switzerland to Germany
31st July: Germany to Denmark
And since I still have one day left, I’m thinking that I can have a short trip from Germany to Prague

I have checked the bus’s website but looks like some buses departure or arrive at midnight, I am alone so don’t wanna take a risk

Do you think is worth buying the pass? Or I should just buy train tickets in advance, thanks!

P.S. do you have any recommended places that I can visit from Berlin?


How is India travel experience in 2021/2022 ? Is it improved compared to some posts I’ve seen 5 or 6 years ago ?

I’ve been planning to do a solo travel to India for so long and it’s one of the countries that I’ve been intrigued about the culture, color and the chaos.

But unfortunately I’ve seen lot of posts about how dirty and non existent the infrastructure is that hinders the travel experience. But most of these posts are old and currently I’ve been hearing that India’s economy is on the rise and infrastructure is being upgraded and awareness is rising among people regarding hygine.

So my question is for the people who travelled to India in the recent years
, How was your experience? Is it improved compared to 5 or 6 years ago.

What precautions should I need to take to avoid any health issues ?

Also, are the railways a good way to travel in India ? since in those posts I’ve seen people mention how filthy the railway stations and the trains are back then.



Where would you travel to in September? ($5000 budget)

I have from late august to the end of September off before I start a new job. I have had some ideas about where I’d like to travel to but I’m realizing that nothing so far has totally clicked as the right choice.

A bit about me:

* Mid 20s Canadian male with ~$5000 usd budget.

* Solo backpacked Peru in late 2019. Did the Salkantay trek which was the highlight of my trip. Realized I’m not big on party hostels and I definitely value more peaceful vacations.

* Really interested in food/culture different than my home. I also really like history.

My current trip ideas are:

* Nepal

* Japan

* Europe

* Pakistan

Ultimately I’d love to know where y’all would choose to travel in the world on this budget during September! Ideally it would match up with my love of trekking, cool food, and interesting culture but it definitely doesn’t have to be an exact match to what I outlined above. Thanks!


Travelling with your phone

Hi all,

I’m planning my first solo trip and going pretty big .

I’m wondering how you handle your phone when you go scuba diving or going to the beach. So activities when it’s not directly on you.

And if you bring a backup phone. In case the first get stolen or something. In a friend group you can share resources, but I’m scared to be without a phone in a foreign country.

Also thinking about bringing the backup one to the beach and diving and keeping my first one in a hostel safe.

Would love to hearing from experienced solo travellers. I tried to look online but mostly found stuff about digital safety and backingup photo’s.


Anyone going to Georgia (country) this summer? Need to figure out my plan

I want to travel for like a week and a half, but realistically I’ll have 8-9 days. I would usually like to take public transport but seeing as I have zero grasp of the language, maybe I should stick to tours.

My plan at the moment:

Prometheus Caves, Kutaisi, Martvili Canyons, Uplistsikhe, Gori, Jvari, Mtshketa, Vardzia, Rabati, Borjomi, Kakheti, Sameba, Ananuri, Gudauri, Kazbegi, Gergeti

Mother Of Georgia statue, Narikala Fortress, Leaning Tower of Tbilisi, Dry Bridge Market, Bank of Georgia building, Bathhouse #5, Underground Printing House, Sabir’s Chaikhana, Tbilisi Automuseum, Vank Bell Tower, Fabrika , Heroes Square Underpass, Holy Trinity Cathedral, any jazz cafe, The Bridge of Peace, Mtatsminda Park, Sioni Cathedral, Tbilisi Botanical Garden, Meidaan Bazaar

Initially I had more elaborate plans for Batumi and Kutaisi, but idk if it’s worth the journey given my relatively short stay.

Thoughts? Anyone going next month?


Ideas for beach camping vacation

Hey I’m a 28M currently living in the mountains of Colorado and looking for ideas for a two week vacation in early December to somewhere quiet with good beaches and options for camping.

I was looking into the Virgin Islands, both US and British as a neat island hopping adventure. There’s a handful of beach campsites that look great.

I was just wondering if anyone had ideas or suggestions for other places like that? Not looking to do much except snorkel, wander around some islands and enjoy some good rum.

The cheaper the better but it’s been a while since I splurged so I can pony up a little bit.



Best countries for a first-time female solo-traveler?

Hi everyone! I finally got the guts to ask for time off for a 9 day vacation in early August this year.

I’ll be gettin my passport in soon and I wanted to commemorate it by taking my first solo trip out of the country. For reference I live in California and my first solo trip was to NY last fall .

What countries would you recommend for a young woman who’s traveling internationally for the first time and solo?

Personally I’d like to stick to places that an English speaker can survive in. In terms of experiences that I’m looking forward to I’d love to visit a place that has a lot of opportunities to make friends with strangers, explore cities, any cool attractions, fun youthful scenes and a healthy list of things to do, similar to NY! I’m not into doing too many nature activities alone but nature is a great thing too!

I’d love to visit somewhere culturally rich, a plus if the people speak other languages too . And Safety is important to me as well especially being a woman alone. The places I had in mind so far are Montreal + Quebec , Montreal + Toronto , Spain, UK, and Italy.

**BUDGET: $4k-$5k *Not trying to spend it all but also being realistic about how much things cost**

Please let me know of any suggestions or if any of the potential choices above make sense for what I’m looking for in a trip! Thank you 🙂


Ecuador Questions

Hi all! I’m 33/F/USA planning a trip to Ecuador in August. I’ve been to the Galapagos before and spent a day or two in Quito and Guayaquil, and want to return to explore the mainland! I’m somewhat flexible on timing but planning for roughly 2 weeks. I’m mostly looking for beautiful scenery and outdoor activities, and have been wanting to go to Secret Garden Cotopaxi forever, and recently discovered LluLlu Llama Mountain Lodge which seems to have the same vibes.

Day 1: arrive Quito late, stay at Community Hostel or Secret Garden Quito

Day 2: Quito – day trip to Mindo

Day 3: Quito – day trip to Otavalo

Day 4: Quito – Cotopaxi via shuttle, Secret Garden Cotopaxi

Day 5: Secret Garden Cotopaxi

Day 6: Cotopaxi – Banos

Day 7: Banos – stay at Great Hostels

Day 8: Banos

Day 9: Banos

Day 10: Banos —> Isinlivi, LluLlu Llama Mountain Lodge

Day 11: Isinlivi

Day 12: Ilsinlivi —> Quito

Day 13: fly back from Quito

My main question is re: safety – I’ve traveled solo in several places in Central and South America and I know safety concerns can often be overblown, but it does look like violent crime has risen a bit in Ecuador. Has anyone been lately? Since my trip is focused outside the cities I’m not sure how concerned to really be, but I’ve read that with the current situation one shouldn’t go out in Quito after 6pm – I’m fine not going out in Quito at night while I’m there, but mostly concerned about the transport to and from Isinlivi, which is a series of bus rides. I’d normally go for the local bus journey, but wondering if arranging a taxi/driver is the way to go here.

Also wondering if I should add/remove days from Cotopaxi and Banos – I’m interested in doing all the outdoor activities and perhaps a day trip to Puyo from Banos.

Also, has anyone used EcuadorHop lately? It appears to be operating but there’s some mixed information on TripAdvisor. I emailed them and haven’t heard back. I also contacted WanderBus and they replied that they’re not operating right now.



So my itinerary is as follows;

Day 1 Landing tomorrow at 17:30

Day 2 Sleep in, eat good food, drink good drinks,

Day 3 Sleep in, laying in the sun while drinking.

Day 4 Sleep more, maybe go outside of the hotel to find a nice place to drink

Day 5 Sleep a little less maybe, boat trip maybe while drinking a nice white vine.

Day 7 Sleep until noon, then relax after yesterday, maybe drink some water, or red vine as the Christians call it.

Day 8 maybe take a walk, to see if there is anything left to drink.

Day 9 Leaving next Saturday at 18:30,

The end.

I really am struggling to get more vine, beer, and spirits to drink into my itinerary…

This is for all of you who take such a detailed itinerary that you don’t even have time for toilet breaks, crap I forgot to put that in my itinerary.