Fight your enemies!

          By the use of a dynamic turn-based combat system, Legena features a smooth flow to the battles ahead. And with the use of a round display, you will always know when your enemies will attack. Both characters and enemies must wait for their turn to use his or her attacks. With careful planning, you can even take out your enemies without any of them laying a finger!

Power up your Abilities!

          Want to use those powerful spells? You need Feathers. But they have to be special. Channel Feathers allow you to equip abilities and utilize them. Just buy them from the Feather Shop, equip them and start using them in battles! By using Feathers, you can equip lots of abilities. Or you can equip groups of the same Feather and up their power!

Take control of the Weather!

          Getting tired of your boots getting wet? Change the weather! With the use of En-Shards, changing the weather has never been easier! Use it to your advantage or annoy farmers by ruining their crop. It isn't just for fun. It can really help you in battle. You use the weather to increase the power of your abilities!

Your Choices Matter!

          Everyone needs a boost of confidence now and then. Take advantage of these situations by raising their motivation to your cause! By raising their motivation, your allies will gladly put all they can into their battles and thus increasing the potency of their attacks! This can only lead to good things! And who knows? Maybe it will lead to a new friend...

Dare you try Insanity Mode?

          Whether you are a complete beginner to turn-based RPGs or a hardcore warrior, we have a difficulty for you! With the Difficulty Grid, you get full control on the difficulty of your adventures. Tweak the amount of loot you gain, the power of your enemies and even yourself. From Sweet Mode all the way to Insanity Mode, pick your poison!

Replay the Game with New Content!

          Think you have beaten the game 100%? Think again! At the end of the game you will be rewarded for the difficulty mode you choose with codes to unlock more content in the game! Found a boss that you hated the first time? Blitz them with powerful weapons! Want more of a challenge? Fight superbosses! Completing a game has never been more rewarding!

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