Legena Media Coverage

Union Tides

"Legena: Union Tides definitely feels right at home among the other RPGS of the era that it pays homage to."
- Matt Espineli, Two Dash Stash

"Legena: Union Tides' charming visuals, catchy soundtrack, classic battle system and fully realized world leaves you wanting more."
- Jahanzeb Khan, Hardcore Gamer

"A solid game with good writing and a lot of hooks to snag the player's attention"
- Lena LeRay, IndieGames

"The game hearkens back to the 16-bit days which is evident by it's style. If you're a JRPG fan it's definitely worth a look."
- Kevin O'Rouke, GenGAME

"Legena is one of the better games asking for a shot on the service."
- Carl Batchelor, NicheGamer

"The game will progress based on choices made by you while playing and encounters on the overhead map are readily visible. Those two design choices definitely put Legena in the newer age of role playing games."
- Carl Williams , Retro Gaming Magazine

Interview with GayGamer about having a Gay protagonist in Legena