Tetiro Aceus

          The main hero of the series.

          The once spoilt prince of Orenna, it took a band of misfits in a corrupt kingdom to make him a noble king. Still an inexperienced king and hero, Tetiro now sets out to bring peace across the world by forming a treaty to unite the lands.

          But his inexperienced as a hero has led him into obsession. He wants to take down the Narrator and will stop at nothing to achieve this. He is becoming a lot like his father...

Atesan Turwin

          The secondary hero of the series.

          Being an outcast for years, Atesan became scarred by the pain brought onto him by Tetiro's father and his tyranny. Now a free man, Atesan serves Tetiro as his advisor and travels with him in the name of peace and to see the rest of the world.

          He has moved on from his past and wears the scars he received on his back as a sign of pride and bravery for standing up for his beliefs. But are his mental scarred fully healed?...


          The mysterious aid.

          Not much is known about the Narrator. And even less is known about Scholar. He doesn't exist. There are no records about him. He creeps through time giving advice to those who are in desperate need of his help.

          But now he has got the Narrator's attention and is being hunted. He needs help from heroes. One day the Narrator will catch him. And take his soul.

The Narrator

          The childhood nightmare.

          Have you heard the Narrator's tale? The man who never once did fail? History tells of man in time. Told in eras, story and rhyme.

          Heed the sky as it turns red. His sight is one that fills with dread. If being good takes your toll, he will come. And take your soul.

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